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The Heart Chakra is located at the heart and is our emotion centre that ideally promotes love, compassion, understanding, sharing, and forgiveness. It is our capacity to love and experience deep and meaningful relationships with ourselves and others. Unfortunately this potential love filled place can also get clogged, wounded and heavy with betrayals, hurts, rejections, loneliness, sadness and despair. Life happens and we react, but our heart chakra doesn't have to stay in these heavy states, we can heal and clear to open and balance this chakra. An open and balanced heart chakra enables us to give and receive love easily and allows the emotion of love to help us operate from a state of discernment and compassion. This means we are able to transcend our personal identity and limitations of the ego when we operate from our heart centre. In this meditation we'll call upon the Angels, Archangels and the Ascended Master Jesus to help you heal and clear your heart chakra so that you can live life with an open heart. Empowering you to love yourself and attract more love into your life.

Clear your Heart Chakra Meditation

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