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The Solar Plexus Chakra, commonly known as the power center. This is the third chakra to develop as a child, where the instinctual states of the lower two chakras start to come under conscious control, signaling the emergence of the conscious self and the awakening of the ego. This is the formation of the personal ego identity, focused on self-definition. It is our sense of identity, personality and personal power and will. By adulthood, this chakra is the storage house for the judgements, opinions and beliefs we have gathered about ourselves and the world. These judgments affect our self-esteem and self-confidence. Imbalances can manifest as excessive control, authority and manipulation over your environment and people. Deficient or blocked solar plexus chakras can cause feelings of helplessness, low self esteem, lack of clear direction, purpose, or ambition. The main function of this energy center is to provide actual momentum to move forward and realize personal desires and intentions in the world. It plays a fundamental role in the development of personal power. It feeds one’s direction in life and the actions taken in order to reach your goals.

Clear your Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

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