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It hasn’t always been an easy path, but with an open heart and mind, I can now see that while I grew up in a household that labels talk of Angels and Dragons as not being ‘normal’, eventually my higher self and spiritual team guided me back to my Divine life path and purpose for which I am eternally grateful.


As a young child, I was taught to value what others think of me at a higher level than who I really was at my core.  Resulting in always looking to others for validation. Whether it be with friends, family, teachers, colleagues, or romantic relationships, I was molding myself to win someone’s approval, or thinking I had to ‘get them’ to like me so I got outside approval and happiness in order to feel at peace and happy. It all seemed like a normal state of affairs. But eventually I realized happiness is an inside job.


A mild physical issue in my early 30’s, that wasn’t being helped by physiotherapy or anything traditional, led me to my first energy healer. From then on I delved deeper with numerous courses, workshops, pilgrimages and mentors. Studying Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Qi gong, and many other diverse healing modalities from around the world. And then I was introduced to the Angels in a guided meditation at a local healer’s home one night. Things then opened up in an even more incredible way from that point. Angelic energy helped me feel pure, light, and in alignment with Source like nothing else had. I continued to focus on doing more work with Angels and even re-did my Reiki certification with the Angels. Communicating and welcoming the Angelic Beings into my life changed my trajectory and eventually guided me to my true Divine path. After many years, the Dragons then came into my life, first via meditation and then speaking through others until I consciously started connecting with them and channeling their messages for humanity and using their energy for healing, clearing, and protecting.


Luckily, our spiritual support team never leave our side throughout our life, trying to guide and nudge us along the right path for us without intervening with our free will. And our path is unique to each of us, which is why comparison never does any good whatsoever.  Our guides are subtle and do not intervene with our free will, and do their work according to divine timing (not earth timing), but do continuously communicate with us each day, all day and night. We just have to be aware and alert to what they’re trying to tell us. Everyone has access to this communication, and with practice and perseverance, can easily tune into their guidance.

Often people say they need to find themselves, but our true selves are never lost. They’re right there, buried under cultural conditioning, other people’s opinions and expectations, and inaccurate belief systems about who you are that you absorbed from childhood. Unloading and processing all this helps you return to yourself, it’s an unlearning and archeological excavation to your true self.


Now my driving force is to help and guide others on their path, helping them realize their own beautiful, unique, and absolute highest power that we are all born with. The human challenge is that we often forget about it due to so many external influences. We realize this highest self by clearing away the past, being mindful of the present, and becoming aware of the spiritual help that is here for us. They guide us to our own power, our own inner light shining bright. And by default, that inner light will then shine brightly like a candle, impacting all those around us.


I work with our Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Dragons, and Source, to bring universal wisdom and energy for your healing, and guidance on your life path. 


Outside the one-on-one sessions, you can also invite Angelic and Dragon healing into your life through one of my guided meditations found via my social links as well as in the Store on my website. These can be listened to as often or as little as you like, and still have an effect even if you fall asleep while listening.


As many have said, we are souls having a human experience. And we are not alone doing this, we have much help here for us, just waiting for us to ask.


With Love & Light,


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