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Dragons are beautiful, wise, open-hearted etheric beings of the angelic realm who are sent here by Source to assist us.  Dragons came to Earth originally as benevolent companions and aides to humans. They lived in harmony until perceptions changed, whereupon they withdrew for a time. They are now back and pouring onto Earth to help our ascension and our planet in preparation for the new Golden Age.


I have written this book after channeling messages from the Dragons, who had started to come to me while meditating until I finally took notice and started interacting with them. 




In this book, you’ll learn how to connect with your Personal Dragon, the Dragons of Clearing, the Dragons of Healing, and many more Dragons just waiting to help you in your daily life. You will experience the impact their assistance can have on your health, work, family and love life.



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Meet your Personal Dragon:

Guided Meditation to Meet Your Personal Dragon