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Dragons are both new and old beings of the highest light who are here to help us during our earthly lives. New because they’re coming back now to help us but have been here before, helping and guiding us as benevolent companions and aides. They are beautiful, wise, powerful, and open-hearted etheric beings of the angelic realm who come from Source to assist us.  We lived in harmony long ago, until perceptions changed, whereupon they withdrew for a time. They are now back and pouring onto earth to help our personal ascension and planet in preparation for the new Golden Age.


I have channelled a book with messages from the Dragons to share their wisdom and guidance on ways they can help us in daily life.  All we need to do is ask.  A few excerpts explaining these ways are below.


Light a candle and say these words out loud, or silently, when you are in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed…


Clear your own energy:

Beloved fire dragons of the highest light, I call upon you now. I ask you to come en masse to cleanse my etheric and physical body of negative thought forms, negative emotions, energies and entities, attachments and earth bound spirits. Remove all that is not for my highest good, transmute it all into the white light of Source.  Cleanse me with your fires, from outside to in and inside to out, touching every cell, every atom, every breath that I breathe.  So that when complete, I glow with an inner radiance, reflecting my highest self as I am meant to be.  Thank you to all the fire dragons of the highest light, we send you great thanks and love and blessings from our hearts to yours. 


Clear the energy in your home:

Dear great and mighty fire dragons of the highest light, Murdarthur and Toska and your phalange of clearing dragons.  

We respectfully ask of you now to cleanse and clear this home of all lower energies, lower entities, negative emotions, negative thought forms and all things not of the highest light. 

We ask your cleansing fire to reach every corner and crevice where darkness and shadow may fall, and as you pass over with your fire, please leave behind the white light of Source, of love, and of peace. 

Thank you for your kind and selfless service to us on this earth. We send you great thanks and love and blessings from our hearts to yours. 


For protection of yourself (best to ask for this in the morning and again mid-day):

I now call upon the mighty dragon of the highest light, Arthur Victorius and your sentry dragons.  I ask you to shield my body and aura with your impenetrable blue fire.  May nothing but love, healing and wisdom penetrate this sacred space, from placement to dissipation.  May your watchful and wise eyes keep me in your vision, while your mighty sentry dragons protect me from above, around, below, near and within.  May no person or energy not of the highest light be able to pierce this shield. And so it is. Thank you.


How Dragons can heal:

There are a group of healing dragons who heal with their golden energy, their golden fire.  While they work on the whole body, they often focus a great deal on the spine because the spine contains the nervous system, the chakras, connections to all organs, and often holds many karmic ties as well. The cervical (the neck) area usually tell us of betrayals, persecutions, being a victim, chased, hunted down in past lives.  A beast of burden, slavery, is usually told in the upper thoracic part of the spine, where the shoulder blades are.  The middle back (thoracic to lumbar) is often ancestral karma, as well as a lot of fear held there. This does not negate the fear held in the lower back (lumbar spine), which can be debilitating.  Lumbar issues usually indicate fear of being alone, feeling like being in life all alone, no support system, standing alone against the world, lack of trust in oneself and in the universe for support.  Tailbone and coccyx issues are related to being ungrounded and flights of fancy, head in the clouds, inability to commit to a person, place or thing. 


There is a heat in golden dragon energy healing, because they burn away what is not needed, the negative and lower vibrations. This is sometimes a stopper to buried emotions, thus there may be a release afterwards.  Crying, anger, feeling physically ill with a cold after sessions is all normal, and all good, this is all release.  Others may feel no after effects. We are all different, with different pasts and circumstances and ways to heal.  This is why a seeker must go with a healing modality and healer that resonates with them personally. 


Often we don’t listen to our intuition and higher self, our guides and angels, in the paths and steps we should take.  When we are on the wrong path, depending on your soul lessons and agreements its made, physical pain can manifest in the body alerting you to get back on track. A pain in the foot, the hand, the arm, the shoulders, often originates in an emotion.  The healing dragons read your energy as well as apply direct healing to your specific issues. All sessions are intuitive and personal to you. 

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