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Ancestral Healing Workshop

Join us for a day to release patterns and energies that may be blocking you in this lifetime. Regardless of your background, you come from a long line of ancestors, those who’ve lived long before you, some that you’ve never even met. These people from your lineage often passed away with remnants of unhealed emotional, mental and physical wounds from their lives on earth. This creates their own karma that can slow their spiritual evolution in the afterlife, as well as impact you and your descendants. 

Any karma by our predecessors that has not been resolved is passed through to our genes which can create patterns of behavior in family dynamics from generation to generation.

By undertaking ancestral healing, you are healing yourself, your passed lineage of ancestors and subsequent generations that no longer need to carry any dysfunctional family patterns.

We have enough going on with this lifetime, let's clear all the old we don't need to carry anymore.

During our time together;

  • You will immerse yourself in the land of our creator, your ancestors, the nature and animal kingdom, and your own spiritual team dedicated to helping, loving and supporting you

  • Realize the strength of your connection and high vibration that you have with all living things

  • Participate and experience the equine healing power of the animal kingdom 

  • Expand your mind body and soul through yoga and breathwork

  • Explore and identify patterns in your life that you’d like to release

  • Release the Ancestral Karma that are holding those patterns in place

  • Heal yourself so that your children don’t need to experience these burdens


Saturday July 20, 2024

11-4pm (with a half hour lunch break)

Kamloops, BC


Please bring: A photo or object representing your ancestors, journal, pen, chair, yoga mat, cushion, blanket, socks, water bottle, sun protection, your lunch and whatever else you need to feel comfortable.

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