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In person Angel Card Readings at 

Dare to Dream

2070 Harvey Ave #33, Kelowna, BC

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Awaken your Inner Goddess Workshop

Saturday January 29, 2022

10am - 5pm

This divinely guided day is not just for females, it’s open to all genders as we all have a divine spark within us, our Inner Goddess, our Inner God. Our soul has no gender. We are the essence of the Divine, something we forget as soon as we’re born and not often reminded of as we grow up. With self-awareness, practice, and help from our spiritual teams we can rediscover and re-awaken our true selves, our divine selves, our perfect-as-we-are selves.

During our time together, we will address all our energetic bodies; the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual parts of ourselves.  When one is out of balance, we can feel uneasy, anxious, restless, lethargic, sad and even more. We’ll start off the day with beginner yoga and breathwork to release tension from our physical selves. As we continue throughout the day, you will look inwards for a self-assessment and we’ll call in the Angels and Spiritual Guides to help you release things no longer serving you and which may be blocking you through visualization, meditation and energy healing.

Registration deadline is Thursday January 27th as there is pre-workshop work to be completed before attending on Saturday. There will also be continued homework for 21 days after the workshop.

Snacks will be provided but please bring your own lunch.

Location: AIM Centre, Kelowna BC

Energy Exchange: $198

Email to register

Moving Forward in Life Mentorship

January - March 2022

This is a private custom mentorship that combines working with my intuition, your intuition, your spiritual team, and Divine guidance to help you move beyond self limitations and release burdens and obstacles. Over a period of 3 months, you will have ten 50 minute sessions with me via Zoom or Skype, once a week.  Each session will address various aspects of your life, family dynamics, perhaps past lives, and any obstacles in moving forward.  The sessions are very individualized for each person based on your goals, challenges, talents, and soul purpose.  
You might need to heal a personal issue, a past trauma, uncover a root-cause or release negative belief patterns that may be holding you back. Since these matters can be unique and very in-depth, it might be a challenge to heal during only one session. Sessions may include energy healing, inner child work, angel guidance, past life regression, discussion, we will go with the flow as Divinely guided, specifically for you.
Please also consider the amount of time you are willing to devote to yourself with this program. It will take more time than just the weekly sessions. There will be assignments and homework, reading, watching specific videos, and meditation. As well as implementing a daily spiritual practice of at least 15 minutes if you don’t already have one.
Due to the personal nature of this program, space is limited to only 10 people per quarter. The first program will start in January 2022, with the next one in April 2022.
If you would like to apply for this mentorship, please send your application letter to
In it, please include why you would like to join the program, what do you feel is holding you back, any past spiritual training, and a clear picture of yourself without sunglasses (a selfie is suitable).

Cost: $1111 CAD