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Healing and Balancing the Energy Body

Our bodies can harbour the unwanted foreign energies from past interactions, unprocessed emotions, negative self-talk, and stress. Any of these foreign energies can make you feel unbalanced and cause emotional, mental and physical blockages which can leave you feeling drained, tired, and down. During this session, I intuitively work with the Angels, Dragons and Spirit Guides where you need it most. This is very powerful on an emotional and physical level and each session also triggers your own body’s natural healing abilities by clearing away blockages that may be inhibiting you. Messages for you from the Angels are also received during the session, which are shared with you. 

This can be done in person or from a distance.

60 min - $105USD

Angel Card Reading

Connecting to information from Source, the Angels, and Spirit Guides, I receive messages of insight into your past, present, and future. The information I receive will support you in having a deeper understanding of where you are right now and where you are going. I will help you to see new options and possibilities through Divine guidance.

This can be done in person, via email, and via Skype.

30 min - $55USD

60 min - $105USD

Inner Child Healing

Your Inner Child is the echo of the child you once were. We each have our own history and we have all been influenced by our environment, events, and the significant people around us. Our inner child has stored those memories and their impact upon us. We will have made decisions at a subconscious level, about how we ‘should’ be and what we ‘should’ do in order to be seen as OK, and ‘survive’ in our families and society. Our later experiences will have reinforced these beliefs and formed our own script for how our life ‘should’ be. We carry these immature scripts and decisions with us into adulthood — where they run our lives more than 90% of the time. It therefore makes sense that we should revisit the experiences of the child we once were, and to find out what our own script says about our life and the unfolding drama we have been recreating and repeating. Along with the Angels, together you and I will revisit your inner child within each chakra and apply healing and reprogramming so you can stop carrying these beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you as an adult.
This can be done in person and via Skype.

60 min - $105USD


Connecting with passed friends and family (at least 6 months since their passing) can provide a chance to ask questions and help achieve closure and peace.  

This can be done in person and via Skype.

60 min - $105USD

Space Clearing

When you move into a new home or office, the vibration of the previous owners or tenants are left behind. They sometimes leave negative vibrations, which can conflict with your own vibration, making you feel uncomfortable and unsettled. If it’s a new home or building, the building work may have upset an energy portal and unsettled the vibration of the earth below. This can then cause much disharmony within that space. I work with the Angels and Dragons to tune in and scan the home or office for any negative portals, dense energies or spirits. I call upon my guides to assist me with the clearing and aligning of that space.

This can be done in person and from a distance.


Crystal Bed Therapy from Brazil

Crystal Bed Therapy healing originates from the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil. It has a powerful healing effect on the physical, emotional and energetic levels of the body. The colours, lights, and crystals are enhanced by the Healing Entities of Light who do their work at the Casa in Brazil and use the bed as a portal of Divine healing energy. Just one session cleanses, balances, and recharges the body's energy. It is especially helpful with jet lag and is also a great preventative modality.

Guided Meditations

Meditation can have a powerful effect on us, even after only one time.  Optimal results can be better achieved after regular practice of course, however some who attempt meditation for stress release can get stressed out with ‘trying to meditate’. Guided meditations help you focus your mind by listening to my voice and the visualizations I talk about without causing you undue stress of whether you ‘are doing it right’.  Just by listening, you are! You can find my free meditations on my YouTube channel.

Workshops & Retreats

Workshops and retreats will be planned throughout the year in various locations around the globe. Visit the Events page on my site for the latest details.

The information received during a session should NOT be substituted for any professional medical, legal, financial or psychiatric advice.