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ANIMAL communication and energy healing


Like humans, animals are also comprised of energy and are usually more intuitive and sensitive than us, so can be affected deeply by the smallest things.  If your pet or a beloved animal is experiencing behavioural issues or suffering from an illness, the Angels and I can work on them during an intuitive energy healing session.  During the healing, I get information and visuals from the Angels, and also from the animal and what they choose to show is bothering them. So every session is different depending on the animal and it's circumstances.

This can be done from a distance or in person (depending on the location).

If there are no physical health issues, I can simply tune in to your animal (I always ask their permission first of course) to aid in whatever is bothering them or help them with something they'd like to communicate. 

If you'd like to book either a healing or communication session, click on the buttons below.  I'll then get in touch via email on the next steps.

The difference between the two is the animal receives distance energy healing from the Angels with 'Healing' and includes some communication with the animal. 'Communication' is solely a conversation with the animal.

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