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Crystal bed therapy accesses some of the most powerful healing available to us today. 
This is a unique healing device that has been connected and programmed to the highest possible energy and healing light beings, Angels, and the highest celestial beings from God.
It brings in the highest vibrational frequencies of Healing, Peace, Luck, Light, Love, Happiness, Protection, Faith, and Clearing to heal intuitively exactly what you need on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The unlimited supply of Angels and highest Divine light Beings that come through, work together on what each individual person needs and can handle in that session.
They clean the aura and all its layers, your chakras and your physical body, a full holistic clearing and healing takes place within each session and often a person will receive insights and clarity from these loving Angels on next steps or a solution they were seeking.

The crystals themselves, are part of an advanced chromotherapy machine that uses colored light beams focused at your chakras (your energy centers) through seven very pure Vogel cut quartz crystals. Coloured light matching the vibrational frequency of each chakra is pulsed in specific rhythms as wave forms to help cleanse, balance and align your body's energy field.  Since illness and imbalance is associated with the dysfunction of certain chakras, and the dysfunctioning chakra needs to be nourished with the colour it is lacking, colour is used as one part of the treatment. The crystals and lights produce a stable, consistent stream of energy to balance your energy field and raise your body’s vibrational frequency by interacting with the water in the cells. This increases surface tension in each cell and enhances the bonding properties of water in the cells, tissues and organs of your body. While your energy body is receiving this external assistance to stay in balance, the Healing Angels are even more importantly, also working on you very deeply on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Simply put, it works where you need it most.

Crystal Bed Therapy is equally as effective with in-person and remote healing sessions.

What to expect in a remote session?
With your picture, date of birth, name and location, the Healing Angels bring their Divine healing energy to where you geographically are.
During the time we agree upon, you will be lying down, alone, relaxed, undisturbed, with eyes closed in your own home (or while you sleep, when you are completely relaxed).  I place your photo and information beneath the Crystal Bed here in front of me.
When I turn it on, it creates a healing portal with the Divine, and the Healing Angels coming through do a very intuitive healing to where you physically lay, and they heal on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. I tune in clairvoyantly to observe what they are doing and share messages of what was done, along with any guidance, with you in an audio recording, as well as pull Angel cards for a current message for you, which is emailed to you immediately after the session.  It’s a non-interactive session so time zones are less important as the healing can be done while you sleep.

What to expect in an in-person session?*
You lay face up on a treatment table fully clothed listening to soothing music while being bathed in light. Your personal experience will be based on your own level of awareness and how you perceive generally - there is no universal response. Some people experience physical sensations that can range from tingling, chills/heat, pressure/weightlessness, slight bodily movements, feeling energy moving through the body or physical pain releasing. Not everyone experiences physical sensations however, for some, it is an emotional release they are aware of. Others see colours, images, or scenes from past experiences flash before their inner eye often providing insight and illumination. Many drift into a trance-like state (or fall asleep) being aware only of a deep sense of relaxation which is often accompanied by a feeling of timelessness. The work can seem very subtle and yet has profound effects.  

Is it for everyone?
Yes! Whether you're looking to de-stress, relax, or you’re seeking healing support. This non-invasive therapy is also safe for children, animals, and for those undergoing medical protocols.  It does not interfere with medical treatments and for some it may help increase tolerance to or reduce side effects of existing treatments. The Healing Angels stress that we must always continue to follow our existing protocols and work together, side by side.  Please do let me know if you are pregnant.

A Crystal Bed Therapy Session can be enjoyed in time increments of 30 or 60 minutes.
*At the moment I am only offering remote sessions. This is on my website under Services as 'Healing and Balancing' should you wish to book a session.


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