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The more time you dedicate to yourself, the larger the shifts.

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Service Description

We are highly complex creatures, with a physical body and its systems as well as highly sensitive energetic beings with many layers, altogether emanating our vibe, our health, our personalities. Sometimes these aspects of ourselves can get burdened with stress, worries, anxieties, responsibilities, which in turn cause daily struggles, uneasiness, exhaustion and little motivation. Because of all these factors, in the past few years I've noticed that it's most beneficial to receive more than one healing session, within a shorter time period, in order for the Angels to go deeper with each step, like peeling layers of an onion. Of course, even one session makes a fabulous difference but with at least three, or even more, we can go further back into childhood trauma, past lives and ancestral patterns. All with the goal to help you release everything that you no longer need to carry in this lifetime and enable you to shine brighter and more in touch with your inner self, your Higher Self. This high vibration consciousness of you knows what your life purpose is and the path you need to be on to achieve it. In order to make this option accessible to many, I've created the special package rate when booking a package of 3, 5, or 7 sessions (more is also possible). One hour package (of 3 sessions or more), each session is available for the reduced rate of $122 each, payable at the start. 3 sessions - $366 CAD 5 sessions - $610 CAD 7 sessions - $854 CAD You may combine the sessions as healings, readings, space clearings, a selection from my services list. Under the section 'Store/Plans & Pricing' on this website, you can sign up for a package as a guest, but still be able to book your sessions via the booking calendar. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please email me at

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Kelowna, BC, Canada

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