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Rediscover your Confidence - self study workshop

Do you doubt yourself in life?

Do you find you second guess your decisions? second guess yourself?

Feel fearful to move forward with plans?

Don’t allow yourself to take action outside your comfort zone?

Do you believe others opinions of you and take those belief systems on as your own?

Do you often compare yourself to others and consistently find yourself lacking?

Do you feel like you’re just not ‘enough’?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are not alone!

Lack of self confidence is so common in our world today, with unrealistic ideals set by others, judgements, and fostering comparison and competition among us. Some can withstand it, but for many, it’s a drain on our energy and feelings of self-worth. Which causes a total lack of faith in ourselves and our unique abilities. It’s a complete disconnect from our own innate power.

Yes, power and confidence YOU are born with!
It’s inside you, maybe buried and laying dormant, but there, ready and able to be rediscovered, reignited, and burst into your life with flair.

By going through this program, you can establish a communication with your higher self, clear away what’s covering your inner power, allowing it to come out, and enabling you to feel and act more confident in your daily life.

It does require dedication, self-reflection and self-awareness, and a willingness to clear and release old energies and traumas to unveil and rediscover who you truly are.

Rediscover your Confidence workshop includes the following:


  • 4 part program: Clarity and Connection, Clearing, Reprogramming, Integration

  • 7 all new guided journeys, exclusive to this course

  • 2 subliminal guided journeys, exclusive to this course

  • PDF Workbook for reflection and processing

  • 30 minute private session with me (to be booked at a later date)

Special Launch Price

$199 CAD

Energy 101 - Workshop Recording

Our energetic integrity is so important in our daily life. Because we are all energy, everything is energy, and we are all connected via streams of energy, it's important to ensure that the energy you're feeling is your own, and is cleaned and cleared on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, depending on what you're doing, who you're with and where you are. Self energetic maintenance can contribute to a more balanced and peaceful vibration. In this live Zoom class you will learn: - How to identify, shield, ground, clear your energy and the energy of your home - The energy of the universe, how we are all connected - How are thoughts and emotions are alive 

Connecting with Mother Nature - workshop Recording

Access your powers through Nature. Learn about your interconnectedness with Mother Earth through the Trees, Flowers, Animals and Elemental Kingdom. When we find that interconnectedness with nature, it brings a state of balance, ease, compassion, love, peace and wellbeing into every part of our mind and body. Connecting with the essence of nature is who we truly are. Learn how to tune in, heal, and communicate with Mother Earth during this 3 hour workshop.

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