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This is a modified product, offering a guided meditation for Inner Child Healing, to do at your own pace and your own schedule. We as humans are complex beings, we peel away each layer like an onion, going deeper and deeper each time you listen to the meditation.


Inner child healing (click here for more information) is to help you heal and release the past so you don’t remain defined by it. You take the lessons and move on to your divine life path free and unencumbered. 

It’s a good idea after the meditation to write down how you saw yourself and the corresponding emotions you felt for further reflection and healing.

You have the choice to do the meditation from start to finish with all chakras, or just do the relaxation exercise and the specific chakra you feel you need more attention.  You can listen as often as you like. 


After purchase, the mp3 downloads will be available immediately.


8 audio files of the Inner Child Healing Guided Meditation for download (these will not be available anywhere else)


Deep Inner Child Healing and Balancing Meditation

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