I’m super excited to share this new package that I was guided to create with you all.  During these tumultuous times here on Earth, it’s important to take care of ourselves first and foremost. Physically of course, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The true balance and happiness we strive for always comes from within.


This package combines a full healing and balancing session (click here for more information) as well as a specially recorded inner child guided meditation.  The reason I’m including the healing session is because it’s a good idea to clear off that first layer of auric debris and balance your chakras, emotional state, and release the first level of burdens you may be carrying before delving deeper.

Inner child healing (click here for more information) is to help you heal and release the past so you don’t remain defined by it. You take the lessons and move on to your divine life path free and unencumbered. 


This package is perfect for everyone. For those who’ve never done a session with me, or those who have. If you have, this is the homework to continue clearing and cleansing.  We as humans are complex beings, we peel away each layer like an onion, going deeper and deeper with each session.


It’s a good idea after the meditation to write down how you saw yourself and the corresponding emotions you felt for further reflection and healing.

You also have the choice to do the meditation from start to finish with all chakras, or just do the relaxation exercise and the specific chakra you feel you need more attention.  You can listen as often as you like.  I myself still do work on my inner child periodically until I feel those triggers are removed.


After purchase, the mp3 downloads will be available immediately and I’ll contact you by email about the healing and balancing as we’ll arrange a time to do so when you’re sleeping or lying down undisturbed and I’ll need a recent photo of yourself.

You may listen to the meditation before the healing and balancing, and please also do so afterwards, as you may notice a significant difference.



8 audio files of the Inner Child Healing Guided Meditation for download (these will not be available anywhere else)

1 session of 60 min Healing and Balancing

A value of $290 CAD for only $99 CAD!

Deep Inner Child Healing and Balancing Package



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