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As a natural empath, and having had childhood experiences with Spirit, outside influences caused me to shut down at an early age.  It’s hard to talk and share things that no one else understands.  Fast forward through years of typical adolescent angst, family dramas, growing up, moving abroad, melding into different cultures, different energies and belief systems.  Having an innate wanderlust made integration into these new places easy, but that was the physical world.  Spirituality wasn’t something I considered at first, only in drips and drabs.  Always a believer, I had been seeing various healers and psychics for years searching and yearning.   In 2004, an RSI problem led me to a physiotherapist who deemed it not a physical problem, but instead guided me to an energy healer in Amsterdam.   From then on, it was like a divinely guided flow of information and sensory experiences that re-opened a whole new world for me.  Starting with a Qi Gong workshop one weekend leading to now, 15 years later, my studies and experiences have re-awakened skills and lines of communication which has led me to become a certified Reiki Master, Angelic Energy Master and Psychic Medium.  This all took place while working in a corporate career, studying, reading and practicing on anyone who would let me on weekends and evenings.  Until I finally took the leap forward to accept my true calling and move into a spiritual role and purpose full time.
My driving force now is to help and guide others on their path, helping them awaken to their own power and become aware of the spiritual help that is here for us.  


I work with our Angels, Spirit Guides, Dragons, and Source, to bring universal wisdom and energy for your healing, and guidance on your life path. In our sessions, we will always get to the root issues and ask for Divine guidance to find the correct path for yourself.


Outside of the one-on-one sessions, you can also invite Angelic healing into your life through one of my guided meditations found via the YouTube link on my homepage.  These can be listened to as often or as little as you like, and will still have an effect even if you fall asleep while listening.


In recent years, I’ve been communicating and channeling with the Dragon Realm, a wonderful and powerful group of light beings who are here to help us in many ways.  Currently I’m offering space clearings with their magnificent cleansing powers and have published a book on how Dragons can help us on a daily basis.  


As many have said, we are soul beings having a human experience.  And we are not alone doing this, we have much help here for us, just waiting for us to ask.


Love & Light,





“I’ve been going for monthly injections to manage my diabetic retinopathy for years with little to no change in either of my eyes and a diagnosis and goal of “let’s just keep it from getting worse”.  However, after several sessions on the crystal bed over the course of this past summer, at my latest appointment, my eye doctor told me there was improvement in both eyes and he said he doesn’t need to see me for a couple of months, rather than next month as usual.  I was so surprised and pleased and will continue to do crystal bed sessions regularly!”

 - Mila, Canada

“I don’t normally believe in such things, give me hard evidence and proven scientific methods any day.  But my daughter bought me some sessions on the crystal bed with Natasha.  To my amazement, I didn’t get the flu last winter (something I normally can’t avoid), and my coughing from COPD is much less.  Since I haven’t changed anything else in my treatments, I can only assume these benefits are from the crystals, and from the Angels, as I’m told.   Whatever it is, it works!”  

-  Brian, Canada

“I experienced subtly profound healing on the Crystal Bed. I relaxed and received while I felt waves of benevolent energy flowing through and around me. I appreciated how the discussion with Natasha afterwards affirmed and deepened my experience. A lovey healing gift that supported me during a huge transition. I recommend it to all my friends." -  A. A., USA

"I can highly recommend Natasha’s healing, energy work and angel card readings. Natasha has helped me on many occasions to see my life more clearly and to find out what steps I need to take to make my life better. Natasha has also helped me with both emotional and physical problems. She’s a very powerful healer. I’m so grateful for all of the help she has given me."

- Annika Jensen, Sweden

"Natasha’s reading always shed light on the situation. So far my readings have proven to be 100% accurate, to a point where i now go to her for initial advice before making a final decision. Aside from that, she’s super lovely and so easy to interact with."
- MM, Dubai

"I wasn’t really too sure what to expect from a crystal bed healing so I went to Natasha’s session with a very open mind. 

As soon as my body settled, the effects of the crystal lights were instant and really quite amazing. 

I felt as if my body had been plugged into the mains electricity supply

re-energizing me to a level I hadn’t felt in a very long time. 

Natasha’s presence and insights were incredibly powerful and profound , bringing a whole new level of awareness to myself. My only issue is that I live so far away from her magical powers otherwise I would be having daily sessions!!"

- Rupert, Thailand

"Natasha is inside-out calm, kind and peaceful. Even her presence is uplifting. She knows how to “enter” in a gentle and healing way, giving a person a space to experience, embrace and understand. Pure MAGIC and beautiful guidance!"
- Anete Antena, Latvia

"Natasha has been blessed with the gifts of healing, intuition, and Angel communication. I've known Natasha for many years and have witnessed how she's developed these gifts and gained experience working with clients. As her friend, I've been lucky enough to be her "guinea pig" on more than one occasion, and now to formally benefit from her healing services.  I feel incredibly peaceful and light after a session with her, and am always amazed by what she shares after the session. She knows things about my body and spirit that I haven't shared with her! I've followed this guidance to improve my health and wellbeing. I also highly recommend her free guided meditation, Raising Your Vibrations, as listening to her voice while balancing your chakras is the perfect way to end a busy day or week!" 

- Christina Zini of (USA)

"I genuinely enjoyed the calming experience and the discussion about the
angelic world, meditating and using the angel cards was relaxing and I left
the session feeling elevated and lighter"

- Tricia Warwick, Dubai                                   

"Natasha made me a really accurate reading - not only is she very accurate with her readings, but also gives very useful and helpful support to meet changes or face challenges. I experienced her as a very warm hearted , truly interested guidance and am very happy for her support."

- Jana Nyvltova, Switzerland

"I attended the Communicating with Angels workshop in November last year and spent a beautiful day learning about our archangels and meeting likeminded, spiritual individuals in a relaxed setting. Run by the lovely Natasha, the workshop blended theory with practical,
hands-on activities such as angel card readings. The guided meditation was the highlight of the day where we connected with our guardian angel. I cannot recommend this course enough for those curious to learn more about the world of angelic beings.
Thank you again Natasha!"
- Marie-Claire Accordino of (Dubai)

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